The day begins with the arrival of the bakers...

...they begin by sweeping the ash from last night’s fire, mopping the oven and taking their dough that has been happily fermenting out of the proofer to be baked in our Alan Scott wood-fired oven. The pastry chefs grab a cup of coffee as they prepare to bake off the morning breakfast offering: blueberry muffins, cinnamon doughnuts, banana breads, and cranberry scones are just a few of the things coming out of their ovens.


As dawn breaks, the scent of freshly-roasted coffee that we roast ourselves in our German Probat roaster and sizzling bacon for our breakfast sandwiches combine with the smell of freshly-baked bread and pastries to create a delightful way to start the day.

While guests enjoy our breakfast offerings such as slow-cooked organic oatmeal and local yogurt parfaits, our café chef has already begun creating lunch. He may strain a broth that has been simmering all night as all our soups are made with real bone or vegetable broths from our peelings. Being a farm-to-table business, our menus change with the seasons and are inspired by what our network of local farmers are bringing us. Our lunch is a seasonal rotating menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches. We let nature take the lead and cook the old-fashioned way, like grandma did, no shortcuts, just real food.


After the daily bread is baked and the shelves are stocked, a new fire is made to get ready for our signature wood-fired pizzas at lunch and dinner. We operate self-service at breakfast and lunch and then transition to a full-service restaurant at dinner so you can take it easy. We take great pride in our pizzas and make our own dough, sauce, and even pull our own fresh mozzarella. You can taste the difference in each bite and because our dough is a biga starter with an overnight fermentation, you’ll enjoy feeling comfortably full instead of feeling stuffed.  


After lunch, you may head over to the bakery counter as the pastry chefs have been busy making cookies, pies, macaroons, and other delicious sweet treats.  In our market, you’ll find biscotti, granola, rosemary crackers, coffee beans, and other items perfect for gift-giving.  We also stock our coolers with artisan cheese, dips, soups, salads, and fermented items that are perfect for entertaining or just stocking your fridge.


All the while, our dinner chefs have been preparing for the evening service, which begins at 5pm. Cooking from scratch takes time but the results are heavenly. They’ll tempt you with our housemade soups, salads, tartines, and small plates meant for sharing. To complement your meal, we offer a carefully selected menu of craft beer and fine wine. Unlike most restaurants, we’ve committed to using the whole animal and our freezers are full of pasture-raised meat from surrounding farms. We are inspired by simple braises, pasta dishes, and stews that allow a chef to cook sustainably. It’s better for you and it’s better for our planet.  


We welcome you to Elm Street Bakery where we work hard to give you a moment to slow down and surround yourself with a community of neighbors all striving to make this corner of the world a happy place.