Our Story
The day begins with the arrival of the bread bakers...

They begin by sweeping the ash from last night’s fire, mopping the oven and taking their dough that has been happily fermenting in bannetons (French proofing baskets) out of the proofer to be baked in our steam-injected ovens or signature Alan Scott wood-fired masonry oven. The pastry chefs are the next to arrive and after grabbing a coffee they prepare to bake off our morning breakfast offering: blueberry and coffee cake muffins, banana breads, lemon loaves, and cranberry and bacon scones are just a few of the things making their morning appearance. However, the pièce de résistance is our daily French pastries or viennoiseries like croissants and pain au chocolat.

As dawn breaks, freshly-roasted coffee that we roast in our German Probat roaster and sizzling bacon for our breakfast sandwiches combine with the smell of freshly-baked sourdough bread, bialy’s, wood-fired English muffins, and pastries. These scents create a magical way to start the day.

Guests enjoy our breakfast offerings such as avocado toast on sourdough, smoked salmon bialys, and local yogurt parfaits while our barista compliments the experience with your favorite espresso drink.

At 11am we transition into lunch. Our chefs have been busy setting up the pizza station for wood-fired pizza, assembling fresh salads and sandwiches, or even straining a broth that has been simmering throughout the night as all our soups are made with real bone or vegetable broths. Being a farm-to-table business, our menus change with the seasons and they are inspired by what our network of local farmers are bringing us.

Our lunch/dinner offering is a seasonal rotating menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and wood-fired pizzas. We let nature take the lead and cook the old-fashioned way, like grandma did… no shortcuts, just real food.

After the daily bread is baked and the shelves are stocked, a new fire is made to get ready for our signature wood-fired pizzas for our lunch/dinner menu. We now operate as an all-day café and orders are placed at the bakery counter and a runner will bring your selections to your table. We take great pride in our pizzas and make our own dough and sauce. Our pizza dough is made with a biga starter that uses an overnight fermentation for our signature thin-crust pizzas. They not only digest well- they taste fantastic. Don’t forget to grab a local craft beer or bottle of wine to compliment your meal. Nothing makes Elm Street feel more French than to see a bottle of wine on the table. (at least to Kim, the co-owner)

After lunch, you may be tempted to treat yourself to one of our seasonal cakes, pies, macaroons, or delicious cookies.

Finally, bring a bit of the Elm Street experience home by shopping in our market.  There you’ll find house made biscotti, granola, rosemary crackers, fine cheeses, dips, salad dressings, local Barrel and Brine fine ferments, house-made batched cocktails, and other condiments to make throwing an impromptu picnic or cocktail party an easy affair. We also stock our new freezer with bake-at-home treats, stocks, soups & more!

We welcome you to Elm Street Bakery where we believe in building a local food community….one happy customer at a time.

Elm Street Bakery began from a desire to create a community gathering place where neighbors could break bread over fresh, seasonal food sourced from local farmers in a warm and welcoming environment.
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